JACK REACHER Fighting Style | Keysi Fighting Method

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Joey B is with Ray from Keysi taking a look at Jack Reacher’s ending fight sequence. Showing blow by blow the fighting scene in the movie, he instructs on how to make each move and defend against the opponents moves. They explain how the different blows can destroy one side of the opponents body and stop their mobility. Then they break it down into slow motion moves and give views from different angles to give the viewer a good look at the fight sequence.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fighting styles from the movie Jack Reacher
  • The hammer fist is used multiple times in this fight sequence, but in one part it is used on the legs, which is uncommon in the martial arts.
  • Fit gamers take lots of videos and games and ties them into fitness for those who enjoy gaming!

“He got the hammer fist right; It’s going to different targets, and it can really just destroy one half of the human’s body”

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