Is Eric Draven the Role Jason Momoa’s Been Waiting For?

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Jason Momoa is an A-list action star approaching his 20th century in the entertainment industry. His first TV role included Baywatch back in 1999. He is expected to land roles like James O’Barr’s remake of The Crow. In addition to the many other popular movies he is involved in, this movie may take his career to the next level.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jason Momoa hasn’t had any top roles yet.
  • Eric Draven might be the role that finally puts Jason Momoa into A-list stardom.
  • The character, like Eric Draven, is a cult classic and had appeared in many different types of media since Robert E. Howard first introduced him to the public in 1932.

“”He’s going through some pretty wild shit””

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