Improve Your Muay Thai Now: How Master Toddy Trains Champions, Part 1

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Master Toddy likes to train people and show them how to do it. One the things he has found is that people who take up martial arts are shy, often taking it up because they are being pushed around. He likes to give them confidence to do the sport and improve over time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most people who do martial arts are shy. They’re nice people who’ve been pushed around, and they want to protect themselves
  • Once they believe in it, they win. It’s mental programming. It’s not about the kicking and punching; it’s about connecting
  • I don’t train every punch and kick; I train him to use his other techniques to set up his right hand.

“”I was successful because I’m a very positive person. Every day I tell my people how important it is to be positive.””

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