Human Weapon on Eskrima

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Eskrima is the native fighting style in the Philippines. It is brutal, dangerous and shows no mercy whatsoever. The Philippines is a collection of different islands, all with their own form of eskrima fighting style. However, the heart of Eskrima lies in Cebu City.

The video is a documentation of the life in Cebu City and how Eskrima plays a major part in the hearts of the people. Fighting is incorporated within the minds of the citizens. Fight demonstrations are a common occurrence on the roads of the city and people are drawn to it like bees to honey.

However, it’s not completely uncivilized as there is an unofficial referee who oversees the fights and ensures it doesn’t turn into a full-fledged bloodbath.

The video introduces us to Jason Chambers an MMA fighter and Bill Duff who is a former pro football player and now a wrestler. They travel to Cebu City to explore and learn about Eskrima and possibly indulge in a fight or two.

Their journey begins on the street as they encounter a random skirmish between two groups of fighters. At first glance, they are taken aback by the brutality of the fights but are quickly able to adapt to the ongoing battle.

After their initial encounter, both the fighters are taken to the Doce Pares school of fighting where they get their first batch of lessons. Primarily Eskrima is a fighting style that relies on the style rather than the object.

Simply put, instead of training with a weapon they teach you how you channel your movements so that you even without a weapon, you can put up a fight. Eskrima relies on hand to hand fighting, knives, and sticks. The unique thing about this fighting style is that it’s not dependent on any of the weapons.

The moves you learn can be channelized into either of those weapons and also with your bare hands. This is what makes Eskrima so lethal, even without a potential weapon, you pose a similar threat.

The video is a journey, at the end of which Jason and Bill are more familiar with the basic of Eskrima and get ready to take on a professional Eskrima stick fighter head-on.

Needless to say, the fight turns out to be ugly but is entertaining nonetheless. Jason puts up a great show. He doesn’t let the fact that his opponent is way overpowered bother him and concentrates on the fight.

If you’re curious regarding the ending, you should try watching the video. It’s educational and you can learn a great lot just by watching and maybe a little practicing here and there.

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