How to get out of a headlock FOLLOW UP – Wing Chun

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A headlock can be dangerous, so you need to know how to properly escape one. The basic idea is to first limit the amount of pressure your attacker can put on your neck, either by grabbing onto their arm or, if they are attempting a headlock from behind, turning your head so that your chin blocks their arm. Then, depending on what kind of a headlock you’re in, you can disrupt them by attacking their groin or stomping their foot, and then breaking the headlock.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to properly complete getting out of a headlock while not what to do when placed into a headlock
  • There is a proper way to get out of a headlock without hurting yourself.
  • How to move so that the person putting you in the headlock cannot hurt or put you in a more disadvantageous placement.

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