How to do a hard knock out kick correctly | Thai Boxing

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A hard kick is a tough thing to do, but much like a punch it takes your whole body. You will want to pivot your body into the kick to bring your full weight into it. Without the pivot it is almost like you are jabbing with your own kick and not adding anything to it. Pivot, position and kick all the way through to put that full pain and pressure into your opponent.

Key Takeaways:

  • To kick harder, practice the motion of turning your leg and waist until it is a fluid motion. You can practice at home with or without a heavy bag.
  • You will need to strengthen your shin to absorb the damage by practicing on an old tire.
  • Practice two to three times a week until your shin hurts and then rest. If it does not hurt then kick harder.

“and some of you ask me about how to kick hard. So, we got a guy to teach us how to kick hard”

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