How to defend against a bat – Wing Chun

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An instructor shows students how to defend themselves, through body manipulation, against being attacked with a bat. He demonstrates that you need to utilise not only control but you need to commit to your actions as you follow through. As the attacker approaches and swings the bat, he shows how to use your hands to block, place the bat under your armpit, and push or kick the assailant away.

Key Takeaways:

  • Self Defense Training is never unnecessary. Most assailants do not expect you to be prepared or to fight back. Be Prepared!
  • Size differences, regardless of what they are against an attacker are not an advantage unless you use your body against your assailant. Simply raising your hands to protect your head/skull can be the first maneuver to self protection.
  • Using your body and your brain in an attack situation can mean the difference of survival. You have the power to disarm your attacker. Catch your attacker off guard.

“You got to remember this man is your enemy”

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