Hawaiian Fighting Art – Lua

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The ancient martial art from Hawaii is unique and different from any other fighting style you have seen before. Instead of severely harming or injuring the opponent, lua aims to incapacitate its victim, thereby preventing any potential damage to both the attacker and the person who is being attacked. Although it ranks pretty down in the lethal chart, the martial art can deliver an extreme amount of pain. It does so by dislocating or some cases breaking the joins of the assailant and the way it works is even more amazing.

Meet Solomon Kaihewalu who has been a lua instructor since 1948. He was first introduced to lua in the young age of three and has been in practice ever since. When asked for some details on the ancient fighting style Solomon commented that the art is solely based on daily household activities. During his early years, most of his training consisted of doing daily household chores under extreme discipline. The Hawaiians managed to incorporate the art into their daily lifestyle and even the simplest of jobs were targeted to train the mind and the body with the mystic art of lua.

The great thing about lua is its wide variety of techniques. The martial art borrows different fighting stances from throwing, wrestling, boxing, and kicking. Although the goal is to incapacitate, it is done with a great ferocity which is preceded by a wild fury of pinpoint blows to key parts of the body. It manages to use the human body’s physiology against itself. The strategy behind the fighting style is to “bite” in with the fingers. Simply put, the fighter grapples or hits a vital part of the opponent with great force. In reaction to the pain the muscles surrounding the region tightens up and the fighter then proceeds to dislocate the join closest to that region.

Lua presents a fighting style that is unique. The thing that separates it from other martial arts is the ability to strike preemptively. It was created with the idea to hit fast and shoot to maim in a single. Unlike other martial arts, it’s not bounded by the constraints of competitive sports which makes it all the more effective.

The details shared in the article is quite interesting and aside from talking about fighting, Solomon Kaihewalu also sheds light on the vibrant history of his beloved fighting sport. He also discusses how lua go incorporated in the U.S. Air Force and since then been gradually spreading around the world. The content is short informative and is a must-read for anyone whose is a fan of martial arts.

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