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The Oldest Version of Filipino Martial Arts

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Pekiti Tirsia is considered as the oldest and the purest form of Kali that even existed. It existed even before the Spaniards landed on the shores of the Philippines.

Like Kali, Arnis or Eskrima, Pekiti Tirisa also focuses on close quarter combat with a number of weapons and empty hand methods. However, it’s a way of looking at other forms of martial is different. 

Filipino martial arts distinguishes itself from any other fighting discipline in the world based on its nature of being a purely fighting technique. Other forms of martial are created also for sports and entertainment purposes. But FMA is developed for one reason only, to fight.

Pekiti Tirisa holds a more strict version of this view. They not only practice with hand-held weapons, such as escrima sticks, but also with impact weapons such as guns.

Grandmaster Tuhon Gaje recalls that they fight in order to win and during a fight one has to adapt in order to maximize their chances of victory. 

When it comes to Pekiti Tirisa GM Tuhon emphasizes a few points discussed below:

  • Carrying multiple weapons

In the clip we see GM Tuhon packing 3 knives. He comments that carrying one is good, two is better and three is the best. Of course, it is not mandatory to carry that many knives on yourself. Just one will suffice, maybe two for good measure.

  • Proper Training

A weapon without proper training is useless. You might as well bring an escrima stick to a sword fight. 

  • Flexibility in the fighting system

Being a fighting system, GM Tuhon expertizes in both edge-guard and impact-based weapons. 

A fight is never fare and although having a knife gives you a fighting chance with someone with a similar weapon, you might become defenseless against someone holding a gun. 

Therefore, mastery over both types of weapons is necessary. When faced with a gun, they are prepared for it. same goes for blade t blade and hand to hand.

  • Fighting system

Pekiti Tirisa Kali, although being considered as a complete fighting system, it is still a working program. The practitioners of this form of hold it very high regards.

Being the oldest of the bunch, it may be thought of as outdated, but thanks to its evolving and adaptive nature, it’s still kicking in good health.

Pekiti Tirisa is not used for sport, since its core beliefs dictate survival, a fight to the death, welcoming guns into their practice sessions, something that is not endorsed in sport martial arts.

The clip doesn’t offer instructional techniques, but will serve as a great source for learning about Pekiti Tirsia Kali and Grand Tuhon Gaje. It is very interesting and sheds light on history, one which some have long been forgotten. 

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