Gracie Jiu-Jitsu after One Week

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This video is a must watch for everyone. It addresses some core fundamental values behind learning to fight. There are people who learn how to fight just to get their hands dirty. The idea behind learning to fight is to avoid such scenarios altogether.

Training your body and mind, learning martial arts is a way of boosting your self-confidence so that, when you’re confronted with a hostile situation, you can resolve it with no actual show of violence.

This video shows this idea to perfection. In it we see a student getting assaulted at school. Naturally, such an incident affects your mind and severely hurts your self-esteem. You think you are inadequate and can’t deal with real-life situations like the way you did before.

Austin is a victim of bullying and, he ended up losing his innocence. This video is a journey, or a transformation, from his prior defeated state to a more rejuvenated version of himself. When he walks out of that dojo, you can see it in his eyes he is a changed human being. Something in him has changed for the good. The assaulted Alex is no more, what you see is another person ready to face whatever the world has to throw at it.

They achieve the transformative state with the help of the training regimen sponsored by the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy. Their goal was to teach him to fight so he can fight his way out of a tough situation. Their goal was to instill confidence in him so that the next time he is on the verge of getting assaulted, he can handle himself with courage and conviction.

It is amazing how in only 7 days the instructor managed to not only address the problem but got rid of it in the most efficient way. To sum up, the whole experience, each day of the week can be described as small stepping stones.

On the first day, the instructors re-enacted the situation that took place at the school, only to convince him how easy it was to break out of such circumstances. They did all this with a simple throw from a mounted position, and it was all Alex needed to gain back a major part of his confidence. They broke the awkward silence, and the boy was all ready to start with the lesson of his life. Watch the full video if you want to experience what Alex went through and how he gained back his former self with just 7 days of training.

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