GM Michael Giron FMA Seminar Review by 413 Group

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Image result for 413REVIEW of the FIGHTING EDGE SEMINAR with GM Michael Giron

In this video, Mark Guillermo of the 413 group, interviews Grandmaster Michael Giron about his experience teaching Filipino Martial Arts at the ‘Fighting Edge’ seminar. The interview was short but it was fun. We learn from the Grandmaster how it is like to conduct a small seminar versus structuring a class in his curriculum.


After the interview ends, we get to see some highlights of the ‘Fighting Edge’ seminar event. In it, we see the Grandmaster teaching his students Filipino Martial Arts arts techniques and also sparring with other instructors with weapons such as knives, escrima sticks, swords, and daggers. An upbeat music plays in the background which nicely sets the mood for the video.



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