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In the on going debate among knife enthusiast’s about which grip is more effective forward or reverse Marvin Mendoza has his own opinion. Mendoza suggests that both grips have their merits. Forward grip has the advantage of providing maximum penetration and range in an ideal world. However, we all know that the real world is often not ideal thus during battle you may be forced to momentarily use reverse grip which has benefits in terms of defense. For more information see the video above in which Marvin Mendoza demonstrates both forward and reverse grip knife techniques.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is more than one way (forward grip) to fight with a knife where you have full penetration and range.
  • The reverse grip is more of a defense attack because you can use jabbing styles instead of getting in deep with a thrust.
  • The video showed me the different jabbing techniques using the reverse grip and the ability to stay in a defensive but also offensive attack.

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