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The Filipino community living in Toronto recalls the memories of their forefathers. As they know that Filipino Martial Arts experts and lovers always arranged get together to discuss martial arts, its techniques and to have some best time with each other, to enjoy the meals.

The Filipino Martial Arts community always plans to get together at a different place. One family invites all of them at home and then they enjoy meals and music too. They discuss martial arts techniques, teach each other and learn from experiences. They all share their experiences, life events, martial arts journey and many more. Special dishes are prepared by hosts and all others help them out. Everyone is invited and welcomed to the place where they don’t discuss any political or disputed things. Only enjoyment and love moments.

The video shows a get together of Filipino community that reveals they are foodies and love FMA culture. In their meet ups they always prepare something special and specific to their region. They don’t forget their traditions while living in other country with different social and traditional values. Everyone is invited to the feast, the musicians, the knife maker, the escrima stick maker, students and instructors. They also perform martial arts techniques for the sake of learning and enjoyment.

Filipino Martial Arts BBQ is not only just a BBQ party but it is the full bunch of happiness and a source of love and happiness. It is the party where people meet for the sake of love and for the sake of their traditions. Watch the video to see this awesome BBQ.

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