FMA 101: A Practical Primer on the Filipino Martial Arts

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Filipino martial arts are interesting but aren’t as celebrated as other kinds. This tells you what you should know about them. If you want to learn a martial art you should not overlook this. The other forms are more popular but are not better necessarily. There just aren’t many movies about them so they’re not in the public’s consciousness just yet.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your whole purpose in classical Filipino stick fighting is to hit your opponent until he’s out of the fight.
  • In practice, you use your stick to hit his stick as close to his gripping hand as you can manage while staying safe, but in a real fight, you’d hit the hand, Julius Melegrito says.
  • In modern Filipino stick fighting, however, the stick is treated like a stick.

“Disarming an attacker is a good concept for self-defense, but before you can disarm him, you have to grab his stick, and to do that safely, you have to understand the angles at which it’s dangerous.”

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