Filipino Martial Arts (Panantukan or Suntukan concepts) 3 Beat Drills

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Learn to perform a “three beat drill” using Filipino Martial Arts. This is a series of three coordinated martial arts moves involving a variety of kicking, punching and blocking techniques that you can perform with a partner.

Change up your moves by combining different types of punches and kicks with their proper blocks and counter moves in the traditional Filipino Martial Arts styles. Explains Panantukan and Suntukan punches and kicks and how to counter them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Instructor Jessie Santiago of the Filipino Kali Eskrima Academy of Chicago, demonstrates 3 beat drills on a YouTube video.
  • The drills shown use both kicking and punching techniques and emphasize coordination skills, as the user must move between blocking and attacking.
  • Although Santiago showcases specific moves, such as techniques to evade certain punches, or block certain kicks, the goal is to develop one’s own pattern.

“One way to counter the low line kick is to life up your leg.”

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