Filipino Martial Arts in Netflix Maria

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Action movies for the better part have always had a place in Hollywood. No matter the era, you always spot one or two fighting movies lying around in the box office.

The evolution of action movies is quite interesting. Previously, action movies consisted of fighting and were roughly divided into two categories. Hand to hand combat and gunmanship. For a majority of time, movies involving guns dominated the entertainment industry. However, that soon changed when directors started to incorporate martial arts in movies.  

Those were some interesting times. It was as if a new life was breathed into the movies and hand to hand combat shows observed a resurgence among entertainment seekers. The world of Shaolin and other martial arts was graciously accepted by movie lovers and actors like Jackie Chan, Tom Yum Goong, Jet Lee became renowned movie stars worldwide. 

This brings us to the present scenario, where movies have further evolved into a mixture of the two, gunplay and hand to hand combat. All of you must have heard of Netflix and it’s huge assortment of unending shows and movies. Recently, the online media platform has started adding Filipino action movies to their roster. This opens up the platform to a whole different culture and a different fighting style. Filipino martial arts is mainly known for their close quarter and fast pace fighting techniques and the movies seem to be fetching in a lot of views.

The particular movie Mark Guillermo is talking about in this video is Maria, an action movie with a twist. As the name suggests, the protagonist is your usual run of the mill housewife. However, as you will see in the trailer, all that goes topsy-turvy when her past catches up with her.
Her family is torn apart, and in an act of revenge, Maria fights through hordes of villains with fascinating fighting skills that will surely leave you wanting for more action.

The movie is pretty good for a budget piece and has a good collection of well-choreographed fight scenes supervised by an equally talented FMA practitioner. If you’re a fan of Filipino Martial Arts then this is one movie you shouldn’t miss. 

This movie also goes to show the rising popularity of FMA around the globe. The reason Netflix is putting up these shows on their platform goes on to show an increased demand for fighting style. People have begun to appreciate FMA and Maria is a testament to that sentiment. 

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