Fighting and Intimidation

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Controlling your emotions is crucial whenever you’re in a fight. The goal of your opponent is to intimidate you to making a mistake and taking advantage of it. This video teaches you how to get the upper hand on a fight in a few simple steps.

The first is body language/posture. The stance you take while fighting is important as it allows you to maneuver/dodge any upcoming hits. The goal is to track your opponent and their movements while not getting short-sighted yourself.

The second tip is about positioning. You can approach a fight from a dozen to differ directions. The key is to pick one that gives you a significant movement advantage. For instance, instead of charging head-on, you strafe to either side, which will limit their ability to answer to both attacks and counterattacks.

The third tip deals with eye positioning. An age old-belief states that you should look your opponent in the eye so that you can better read their attacks. However, it also leads to tunnel vision and may distract you from responding to your opponent attacks.

Practicing these tips will help you train your basic combat skills and become a better fighter down the line.

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