Everything You Need to Know About Combatives

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Martial Arts is a time tested way to not only protect yourself but to make an actual art form of the movement of your body. This takes years and years of dedicated study. But what if you have respect for the art but not the time? Does this mean you’re out of luck? No, it doesn’t. You can learn what’s known as Combatives. This is the boiled down to the basics version of the beautiful art.

Key Takeaways:

  • Combatives are a manifestation of force through hand-to-hand or weapon-based combat.
  • Combatives are focused entirely on using the most direct, effective means of self-defense in real-life scenarios.
  • Although some think that combatives are about uncontrolled violence, the goal is actually to end the confrontation as soon as possible and escape.

“Combatives is sometimes denigrated as ‘too basic’ by martial recreationalists because of the simplicity and the intentionally limited number of techniques.”

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