Escrima Stick Takedowns

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Kali Stick is not only for using during combat, but can also be used to takedown someone with minimum harm depending upon situation. Guro Mark Anastacio illustrates some techniques in relation to law enforcement which sometimes requires takedowns, rather than harming a suspect and using kali sticks as more of a baton makes it much more effective and amazingly fast. Whether the opponent is also equipped with an escrima stick or has an empty hand, these are some techniques to know before any scuffle.

Right Hand Cross
Depending on how the other person attacks, the escrima stick can be used accordingly. Mark demonstrates that if the opponent throws a punch, the baton can be used to strike on his arm whether slash or a snap. Also if you have a precise aim and good command over stick; the back of baton can be used to strike the hand of the opponent just like we do stabbing with knife.

Similarly, escrima sticks of good in length can also be used as shield to block an attack. This baton can also be used to pin down the target by following steps which are: crash the arm down by baton, shoot in baton to opponent’s side by holding his wrist simultaneously hitting his rib cage. Then lifting the opponent with stick movement and then molt him down.

Working off the back hand , this second technique Mark shows serves a similar purpose as the first one, but in a different scenario. In this technique Mark uses a combination of both the hands to counter the attack and is as follows: once the opponent gets grip of our hand holding the baton, use the other hand to go through inside of his arm, pull his wrist holding your hand and attack with the baton on his ribs. Also it this technique can be used to pin down by holding his wrist and sweeping his leg of floor snapping your feet.

Stick as an Impact Weapon
The above mentioned techniques are quite similar and effective for pinning down the target in no time. The above two techniques are called stick wraps because these use scooping motion of stick to pin down. But this one uses the series of fast actions to execute the desired the plan namely Deflect, Crash and Hit. By holding the baton with both hands as horizontal, deflect his attack, crash the arm down, hit with baton on chest probably and twist you wrist to deliver a punch instantly.

Also some sensitive areas like the traps and neck can be made targets to neutralize the opponent right away.

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