Escrima Stick Disarms

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Mark Anastacio from Union Martial Arts once again educates us on the four types of single stick disarms. He did two more videos and you might want to give them a look if you intend to delve deeper.

This particular video strictly sticks(pun intended) to striking disarms. In actuality, Mark shows only two disarming techniques. The other two are minor variations you can use when faced with a specific situation. without further ado, let’s jump right in.

  • Punch Disarm

This is the first technique demonstrated by Mark and is by far the easiest to execute. Remember the principle of Kali, how escrima sticks are an extension of your own body?

Your primary course of action should be to injure the wrist and if the opponent proves too smart for you, try the punch disarm.

The technique involves three simple steps- Parry, Grab, Twist Punch.

Once you parry your opponent’s escrima stick, you must be quick to grab the other end of their stick and twist it downwards. Don’t give them time to react or gain momentum. 

After you have successfully twisted his arm, punch his wrist with your other hand or the short end of your stick. It’s a matter of personal preference and with practice, you’ll get the hang of the positioning.  

The variant of the punch is a bit complicated(due to more movements) but not impossible. 

In the variant, you don’t parry. Instead, you bloke with your hand and use an outside hook as the disarm. The first two steps are the hardest to coordinate in this style, but it’s a great way to spice up your arsenal of fighting techniques.  

  • Heaven & Earth

The first variant of this technique is risky if you’re not a fast martial artist. It leaves you open to all sort of hits from every direction, while not giving you the flexibility to block any of them.

The technique starts off with a roof or an umbrella block. Your stick hand goes towards the heaven striking down towards earth while your another arm (positioned at earth) moves towards heaven, giving you enough force to strike down the stick from your opponent’s hand. 

The second variant is far more spontaneous and easier to pull off. 

Instead of vertical movements, you switch to diagonal. 

This gives you opponent a shorter time frame to react to your disarm, thereby raising the probability of a successful hit. 

This is a great video, but if you want to learn more, check out the previous ones which also focuses on disarm techniques. 

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