Escrima Stick Disarm

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One of the key principles of any fight is to disarm your opponent as efficiently as possible. Kali escrima has some of the fastest disarming flows that exist in the world of Martial Arts.

Meet Mark Anastacio as he demonstrates a few disarming techniques using the outside attack angle, once you have gotten a solid grasp on your opponent’s weapon of choice (which in this case is an escrima stick).

The point of this video is to teach you to get an advantage over your opponent while avoiding or overcoming a stalemate. You can also execute the disarm flow once you have grappled your opponent.

Mark begins the video with an important lesson, always keep moving your body and hands. In order to successfully disarm your opponent, you need to make the first move, depending on the circumstances. You also need to make sure that your opponent isn’t able to block your shots. If they do so, disengage and begin from the start, or improvise as you seem fit.

Once you make contact, make sure to keep moving and get into the correct position to execute a disarm. The first disarm is quite simple and mostly involves the striking stick arm. For a better understanding watch the video.

Note that this disarm only works with an escrima stick and you will be needing to practice a lot so before you can execute it flawlessly.

The second string of disarms is used once you convinced that the first one isn’t working. There may be a lot of reason; maybe your opponent has a lot of upper body strength, or they may have better positioning, thereby preventing you from disarming them.

In the second disarm, Mark intercepts with his other arm, using it as extra leverage to submit the opponent into giving away his weapon. The third disarm is even more powerful since it utilizes the momentum of the whole body.

In the latter part of the video, Mark introduces melee strikes to his disarms which can help you disarm your opponent’s stick or hit them once they are weaponless. There are lots of options to choose from.

Useful tips:

  1. The last point he emphasizes is that disarming is not the endgame. Your opponent may pull another weapon, so stay alert
  2. This will also help you brainstorm new techniques which can be sued in clutch situations
  3. The techniques are flexible and can easily transition between disarming, control and even elimination
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