Dumog – FMA Empty Hands

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Guro Leslie Buck demos some Dumog techniques from Pekiti Tirsia Kali, a world renowned Filipino Martial Art. Guro Leslie is from the Tactical Arts Academy in Texas. He displays this empty hand technique in the video below, which has many skills included in it from control and locks to brakes and takedowns. Guro Leslie has over 26 years experience in Filipino and Indonesian martial arts, self defense, law enforcement and military training. He shows a few but very effective variations in this skill and also explains some tips and tricks for applying the technique.

Empty Hands
As mentioned above, this method is an empty hand skill to control the opponent’s arm and thereby controlling the opponent himself without any use of weapon. Guro Leslie explains that the first move is to grab and drag his arm by elbow towards yourself when he tries to block or throw a punch. Then pull yourself around the opponent from one side such that his back and your chest are in contact and simultaneously holding him by his elbow. The next step is to reach out for his shoulder and get control of his other arm too. Now one may reach for rival’s near or far shoulder, head or neck but of all of them, the most effective proves to be chin. Holding arms from back with your one hand and pulling chin from one hand is quite an effective and dominating position because in this posture opponent cannot lean forward and break the lock.

Now once you get hold of opponent in such a way by this lock that he cannot break from your grip the next subsequent step is to direct him to the ground. As Indicated above that this technique is to control the opponent, not to aggressively attack him. Therefore, kick the back of his knee which will make him fall down to ground as per your directions and force. Now the main goal is achieved, which was to control the contender by chain of hands; but from here the dominance stays in your hand that whether to disengage with him or to follow up by attacking as per situation.

This video in mere two minutes demonstrates such effective technique which can be even understood by watching once; simple yet strong. Also, Guro Leslie gives some details to remember while applying these techniques, which may prove to be a game changer.

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