Don’t Punch in a Fight – JKD

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Contrary to popular belief, punching during a street fight isn’t a good idea. When you’re entering the fight, you have very little information regarding your opponent. Instead of landing blows, you must concentrate on countermeasures that will tip the scales in your favor while minimizing the damage done to yourself.

The video does a great job pointing out the flaws of punching and suggests how you can be more effective in a fight with less devastating options. A punch:

  • Reduces the surface area of your hit, lessening the force behind it
  • Can lead to injuries if you accidentally hit the skull or the elbow
  • Tenses your body and prevents you from releasing all your energy

So instead of a punch, David Wong suggests you use your palm. Not only does it deliver more power to your hits, but it does so while minimizing any risks since your palms can soak up impacts better than your knuckles. For more details on how to improve your technique, visit the link below.

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