defending the sucker punch

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You must be prepared for the sucker punch. Don’t just stand there. Have your body ready to respond with reflexes or skill to the sucker punch. Otherwise your stance can be thrown off. Even if you are in a vulnerable position it is best to be prepared to weather whatever he or it throws at you and be able to block the smack talk proximity fist.

Key Takeaways:

  • A sucker punch is a punch that carries a large element of surprise, as it is usually delivered in a context where peace is presumed.
  • If possible, understand that to be within arms length of a possible attacker is to be within his zone and put yourself outside of it.
  • By moving away, you force a potential attacker to come into your zone, thereby giving you time and bodily cues to work with.

“At times the sucker punch comes because the “sucker” doesn’t know he is in a fight.”

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