Combo Interruption : EVERY TURN IS MY TURN Boxing/Panantukan Mentality

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Light sparring, combination development, and control are all features of this video from JRA Fitness. Witness just over a minute of sparring between two Panantukan practitioners who are working on developing a flow in a fast-paced sparring session. Both fighters are working together to improve their techniques. While they are not sparring at one hundred percent they are allowing each other time to develop combinations and technique.

Key Takeaways:

  • This is western boxing and “Panantukan” which is a term that has come to mean “Eskrima-based Filipino boxing” in the west
  • Every sparring session is serious with the intent of winning
  • The term “Panantukan” is too deeply entrenched in Filipino Martial Arts that it might be here to stay

“The video has no human voices, but displayed on the on top of the screen in the second half of the video is the words “Inspire, empower, motivate.” I think any physical sport requires self confidence in order to be successful, thus they need to be inspired, empowered and have the motivation in order to be successful.”

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