Christmas -A Reminder of the Spiritual Side of the Art

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Christmas is a very spiritual time for many. There is a lot of spiritual art and decor people put up. There are paintings and statues among other things. It can be very commercial as well but not everyone feels that way because of their beliefs. Some still keep its religious meaning in their minds and hearts.

Key Takeaways:

  • The spiritual component of the martial arts, rather than draw warriors away from reality, in actuality grounds them in reality –that they are human, and therefore mortal.
  • Too many martial artists use the arts to fuel fantasies, such as fighting bare handed against six men with swords and emerging unscathed.
  • Not only does the fantasy martial artist need to delude himself about his invulnerability, but also needs to puff himself up above other “lesser” martial artists.

“There is a good reason why there should be a spiritual component to the martial arts.”

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