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Inayan Knife Basics

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A knife may seem like an easy enough weapon to work with but when faced with a veteran knife wielder, you are in for a world of hurt.

There are various techniques in which you can hold and slash your knife to get the most out of it. Meet Guro Jon Ward and Guro Chris as they show you firsthand what it’s like to parry with someone holding a knife.

They show the basic defense angles where you block your opponents’ movement and answer it with a swift and lethal slash. The technique mostly targets the tendons in the hands. The aim is to immobilize your opponent before they go on a slashing frenzy.

The video is only a minute long but will serve you well if you find yourself in a pickle.

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Multiple Attackers, Self-Defense

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Street fights can go very ugly very quick. At times like these, you must have something to protect yourself. More precisely you must have the knowledge to counter any possible assailants that might tread your way.

However, remember that it is ok to run away from a fight. You can fight doesn’t mean you should. While engaging an opponent, you are completely unaware of the arsenal they are carrying. So your first priority is to flee if you have the chance.

Meet Ryan Hoover as he shows you how you can deal will multiple attackers. The following points highlight some of the most important things you need to remember whenever you find yourself in an unfavorable situation.

  • Priority 1- De-escalation

Always try to talk your way out of a fight. If they want something that is livable, just get it over with. It is not worth putting your life at such a  risk.

  • Find the boss

This may seem weird, but every gang has a gang leader. Although this is not a foolproof strategy, if you’re backed up against the wall, you can use this to get a quick escape or to break the morale of the gang.

Once a gang sees that their leader has taken a beating and is unable to fight anymore, they will most probably run away. If they engage, they would obviously be a bit more scared thereby making them madly disoriented and much easier to handle.

  • This is not the Hollywood

Whatever you do, don’t do something stupid like they are shown in the movies.

It is never a good idea to take more than one fight. As you’re engaged with one, the other might sneak in a blow or two. Always make sure that you’re taking on one person at a time. Don’t go on a feeding frenzy, hit them quick and hard and once they are immobilized move on to the next target or run if you have the chance, but never engage two people at the same time.

  • Use deadly force accordingly

Judge the situation you’re possibly in and decide if deadly force is at all necessary to resolve this conflict. The force can range from breaking a few bones right down to killing someone.

Ryan Hoover is an interesting guy and his advice regarding street skirmishes it true to every word. The 15-minute long video is quite generous in dishing out information which you will find interesting.

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Knife Training for Protection

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You never know when a fight might get ugly, especially when there is a knife involved. A knife is the most common tool chosen by muggers when they are stalking their targets.

To avoid danger you must not only know how to confront a person holding a knife but to use one(as defensively as possible) if you’re backed up into a corner. Luke Holloway is an expert in self-defense when it comes to facing someone with a knife.

Observe as he carefully explains the positions you would want to be in when you’re facing someone with a knife. He also demonstrates a hand to hand combat, an ankle hold, and grappling techniques if and when you have to take the fight to the ground.

The video will help you lay down the basics of self-defense whenever someone is threatening you with a knife.

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Bruce Lee’s Daughter, Shannon

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Though Bruce Lee has passed on to the afterlife, his beloved daughter Shannon Lee has been keeping his legacy alive. Besides contributing to various biographies, there is also the Bruce Lee Foundation, which is a non-profit organization, whose sole goal is to preserve Bruce’s legacy for generations to come.  

Meet her as she shares some of the lesser knowns facts about Bruce Lee. You may have read them on the internet, but it isn’t the same as hearing from his own daughter’s mouth. Let’s jump right in:

  • Not a 100% Chinese

As hard as it may seem the fact remains that Bruce was indeed a quarter Caucasian. The Chinese did not take this lightly, especially the students where he learned Kung-Fu.

Bruce learned martial arts under the tutelage of Ip Man. When the others found out that he was quarter Caucasian, they did everything to drive him out of the school.

However, Ip Man never stopped teaching Bruce and taught him personally, separate from his other students. The master believed that it was the right thing to do, and like him, Bruce grew to become on such individual who never adhered to any sorts of racial discriminations.

  • The cha-cha champion

It’s hard to imagine such a bombastic personality indulge in dancing. However, Bruce Lee was not only a champion but also took it quite seriously. Shannon also adds that her father carried along a handbook consisting of all the dance moves.

Dancing is an art, and Shannon believes that his affinity towards it is what made his martial arts performances on stage so unique and dynamic. A lot of the time, a well-choreographed fighting sequence will appear like a dance, and that’s possibly what Bruce was aiming at during his career.

  • Paper Tiger?

During the early part of the 1970s, Bruce was filming a movie when one of the stuntmen started calling him a Paper Tiger. He tried to ignore it at first but couldn’t do it any further after seeing that the other stuntmen were also getting involved.

Bruce challenged the man, and had him down on the ground, helped him get up and then downed him again, just to prove that he was no Paper Tiger.

  • East-West Story

Since Bruce was part Caucasian, he was neither accepted in the East nor in the west. In Hollywood, people called him a Chinese and back at home, they said Bruce was too imbued with Western culture to be considered as one of their own.

This continuous struggle for identity made him the man he turned out to be, right to his last breath. The short 6-minute clip serves as a testament to the kind of man Bruce Lee and how he still resided in our heart.

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Kali with Kickboxing

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The reason why Filipino Martial Arts is so popular among fighters is its ability to transition the fight from a weapon (knife, single and dual escrima sticks) to the empty hands.

FMA uses swift blows and techniques that can be applied across a wide variety of appendages. For instance, the type of fighting style you learn with the help of a knife or an escrima stick will also come in handy when you fight empty hand.

Kickboxing is a popular sport and adding Kali to the mix will turn out to be a deadly combination. Meet Mark Anastacio as he demonstrates how you can take what you have learned in Kali, and apply it in kickboxing.

Mark starts off with a simple striking pose, where he uses an escrima stick to give you an idea of the line of attack. The way he changes stances and counters an upcoming attack is truly amazing to watch. He starts off facing a simple jab. Once the opponents have initiated the blow, Mark has the option to move either outward on inward and counter-attack his opponent.

The 45-degree footwork is the thing you should be looking out for. this not only helps you get your footing correct but also ensures that you’re not thrown off-balance when hitting your opponent.

Next up Mark changes over to his hands and asks his assistant to throw in a jab. Notice his stance, and what he says regarding making yourself comfortable. You cannot fight unless you are light on your feet.

Once the jab is thrown, Mark can either switch right or left and answer his opponent with a cross right to their face. You can either switch on the spot by keeping your lower body still and moving only your upper torso. or in some cases where you’re feeling confident or necessary, you can step out, increase your spacing and then answer with a cross, either on top or on the ground.

He also demonstrates a roundhouse kick using the same 45-degree footwork and then transitions into a cross, which is also quite impressive.

The video will clear it all up so you might want to have a look at that. The possibilities are endless and will open up to you as you keep on practicing.

Mark’s lessons are easy to catch and his videos are interesting to watch. It’s amazing how much you can learn from a simple 5-minute video, stay tuned for more.

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Jeet Kune Do – Chris Kent

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The hand immobilization attack technique is one of the five ways to attack in Jeet Kune Do style martial arts. However, the technique is often misinterpreted in the magazines.

The style is much more dynamic than most fighters claim it to be. Observe Chris Kent as he displays how not only can you use this technique to attack your opponents but, also defend yourself if need be.

Chris looks at hand immobilization not only as a technique but also as a beginning combo that can be used whenever your opponent takes a fighting stance.

The video is short and informative and manages to point out some of the obvious misconceptions surrounding this technique.

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6 Life Saving Rules to Survive a Serious Fight by Guro Marcaida

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A fight can get ugly pretty quickly without giving you any time to react whatsoever. In real life situations, you must be prepared at all times to defend yourself and that’s exactly what Doug Marcaida is talking about in this short video.

Doug is an edge weapons expert and is an expert in dealing with life-threatening situations especially where weapons are involved. In this video, he talks about 6 live saving rules that can potentially be the difference between life and death when the fight turns real.

The 6-min clip is just the tip of the iceberg and glazes over the basics of fighting techniques. It’s still a great place to start and branches to more advanced techniques that you can learn later on.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bruce Lee

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Bruce Lee is a person who hardly needs any introduction. The man single-handedly changed set a legacy of Martial arts that are still being followed to this date. However, the majority of the world knows him as a man of great discipline and an ardent martial artist. Very few people are acquainted with a more in-depth version of this great individual and this 11-minute video aims to bring those lesser-known facts into the limelight. So, without further ado, lets jump right in.

Bruce Lee was a father, director, philosopher, screenwriter, father, and actor. Being known as the most influential martial artist in history, Bruce Lee came from a wealthy family. His father was a film actor and a singer and his mother came from one of the most powerful and wealthiest clans in Hong Kong. Little Bruce was born while his parents were on a tour in San Francisco, California.

At the young age of thirteen, Bruce was involved in a lot of street fights. Fearing for his safety his father started teaching him martial arts, beginning with the fundamentals of Wu style Tai Chi Chuan. After defeating the son of a much-feared triad family in Hong Kong, his parents, fearing for his life, relocated him to the USA.

Most martial arts fan wouldn’t take Bruce for a dancer, but the fact is, he was a good dancer. So good that he won a Cha Cha Championship, a respected dance competition in Hong Kong. This little fact is an absolute shocker as it’s an aspect of his life, not many are privy to. Bruce Lee also won a boxing tournament while he was studying in the St. Francis Xavier College.

The popular ‘one-inch’ punch is considered by some as one of his greatest contributions to the world. Bruce Lee always had great upper body strength and muscle mass. He crafted his body to the point of utter perfection and created the famous punching technique that left the audience dazed whenever it was performed. The rising point of this technique was the demonstration at the Long Beach karate championship when he applied it on a volunteer.

Bruce was a bad cook as claimed by his daughter Shannon Lee. However, his diet was nothing to be joked about. Bruce maintained a very healthy routine of high protein drinks and strictly monitored protein and mineral supplements that helped him nurture his body.

There is a lot more to this person than meets the eye and as for the rest of the facts, go ahead and watch the whole video. You won’t be disappointed.

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Human Weapon on Eskrima

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Eskrima is the native fighting style in the Philippines. It is brutal, dangerous and shows no mercy whatsoever. The Philippines is a collection of different islands, all with their own form of eskrima fighting style. However, the heart of Eskrima lies in Cebu City.

The video is a documentation of the life in Cebu City and how Eskrima plays a major part in the hearts of the people. Fighting is incorporated within the minds of the citizens. Fight demonstrations are a common occurrence on the roads of the city and people are drawn to it like bees to honey.

However, it’s not completely uncivilized as there is an unofficial referee who oversees the fights and ensures it doesn’t turn into a full-fledged bloodbath.

The video introduces us to Jason Chambers an MMA fighter and Bill Duff who is a former pro football player and now a wrestler. They travel to Cebu City to explore and learn about Eskrima and possibly indulge in a fight or two.

Their journey begins on the street as they encounter a random skirmish between two groups of fighters. At first glance, they are taken aback by the brutality of the fights but are quickly able to adapt to the ongoing battle.

After their initial encounter, both the fighters are taken to the Doce Pares school of fighting where they get their first batch of lessons. Primarily Eskrima is a fighting style that relies on the style rather than the object.

Simply put, instead of training with a weapon they teach you how you channel your movements so that you even without a weapon, you can put up a fight. Eskrima relies on hand to hand fighting, knives, and sticks. The unique thing about this fighting style is that it’s not dependent on any of the weapons.

The moves you learn can be channelized into either of those weapons and also with your bare hands. This is what makes Eskrima so lethal, even without a potential weapon, you pose a similar threat.

The video is a journey, at the end of which Jason and Bill are more familiar with the basic of Eskrima and get ready to take on a professional Eskrima stick fighter head-on.

Needless to say, the fight turns out to be ugly but is entertaining nonetheless. Jason puts up a great show. He doesn’t let the fact that his opponent is way overpowered bother him and concentrates on the fight.

If you’re curious regarding the ending, you should try watching the video. It’s educational and you can learn a great lot just by watching and maybe a little practicing here and there.

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Gracie Jiu-Jitsu after One Week

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This video is a must watch for everyone. It addresses some core fundamental values behind learning to fight. There are people who learn how to fight just to get their hands dirty. The idea behind learning to fight is to avoid such scenarios altogether.

Training your body and mind, learning martial arts is a way of boosting your self-confidence so that, when you’re confronted with a hostile situation, you can resolve it with no actual show of violence.

This video shows this idea to perfection. In it we see a student getting assaulted at school. Naturally, such an incident affects your mind and severely hurts your self-esteem. You think you are inadequate and can’t deal with real-life situations like the way you did before.

Austin is a victim of bullying and, he ended up losing his innocence. This video is a journey, or a transformation, from his prior defeated state to a more rejuvenated version of himself. When he walks out of that dojo, you can see it in his eyes he is a changed human being. Something in him has changed for the good. The assaulted Alex is no more, what you see is another person ready to face whatever the world has to throw at it.

They achieve the transformative state with the help of the training regimen sponsored by the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy. Their goal was to teach him to fight so he can fight his way out of a tough situation. Their goal was to instill confidence in him so that the next time he is on the verge of getting assaulted, he can handle himself with courage and conviction.

It is amazing how in only 7 days the instructor managed to not only address the problem but got rid of it in the most efficient way. To sum up, the whole experience, each day of the week can be described as small stepping stones.

On the first day, the instructors re-enacted the situation that took place at the school, only to convince him how easy it was to break out of such circumstances. They did all this with a simple throw from a mounted position, and it was all Alex needed to gain back a major part of his confidence. They broke the awkward silence, and the boy was all ready to start with the lesson of his life. Watch the full video if you want to experience what Alex went through and how he gained back his former self with just 7 days of training.

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