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Filipino Dumog

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Dumog is a Filipino grappling martial art that is shown with empty hands. Master Sobrino, from Manila is working on the front line to promote this martial art as it comes under the category of best defensive techniques. Dumgo is performed like Judo or Jiu Jitsu.

Preparing to attack
Stand first and stand straight. Push the body downside and stick it to the ground. When you put the opponent on the ground with his back flat on the ground, the opponent get surprised and this is called blue bud. The fighter puts his leg on the opponent and folds his feet downside and turning him around.

Pressing down
Fighter puts the opponent to the ground and presses him down, the opponent falls back and looses all his energy. Pressing down and putting a leg on the opponent causes the opponent to defend himself, but he can’t. The instructor tells that attacking instantly is important. When you wait only a little, you lose the fight. Use your legs constantly to pack the opponent.

Attacking again and again
Don’t lose the opponent, attack again and again and don’t lose hope. If the opponent is strong, the fighter should be stronger and should have high vigor of making someone fall down.

Feet play an important role to attack the opponent and to keep the demo energized. There are people who may not experience any misshape in which they need to use martial arts. But still others require to learn about martial arts because it one of the best arts for self defense. The video shows different tactics.

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Escrima Stick Throws and Chokes

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Escrima is a Filipino Martial Art and an escrima stick is one of the important tools of Escrima. Practicing locks and throws, using an escrima stick and joining both Escrima and Jiu Jitsu, is an art itself. Jiu Jitsu is a Japanese Martial Art, so this video is showing a meet of Martial Arts of two different regions with a stick.

Locks and throws are techniques of self defense. When it is practiced using a stick, it makes the opponent fall easily (if the fighter is expert of stick techniques). In the video, experts of Escrima and Jiu Jitsu are practicing with stick to teach the techniques of using stick for self defense. They are demonstrating how to use the stick for chokes and throws. Their techniques show a great blend of these two powerful martial arts.

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The Filipino community living in Toronto recalls the memories of their forefathers. As they know that Filipino Martial Arts experts and lovers always arranged get together to discuss martial arts, its techniques and to have some best time with each other, to enjoy the meals.

The Filipino Martial Arts community always plans to get together at a different place. One family invites all of them at home and then they enjoy meals and music too. They discuss martial arts techniques, teach each other and learn from experiences. They all share their experiences, life events, martial arts journey and many more. Special dishes are prepared by hosts and all others help them out. Everyone is invited and welcomed to the place where they don’t discuss any political or disputed things. Only enjoyment and love moments.

The video shows a get together of Filipino community that reveals they are foodies and love FMA culture. In their meet ups they always prepare something special and specific to their region. They don’t forget their traditions while living in other country with different social and traditional values. Everyone is invited to the feast, the musicians, the knife maker, the escrima stick maker, students and instructors. They also perform martial arts techniques for the sake of learning and enjoyment.

Filipino Martial Arts BBQ is not only just a BBQ party but it is the full bunch of happiness and a source of love and happiness. It is the party where people meet for the sake of love and for the sake of their traditions. Watch the video to see this awesome BBQ.

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Mastro System Demo

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Mastro is a defense system, commonly known as “Mastro Defense System” which was founded by Fred Mastro. Mastro founded this system after working experience of 20 years, as he spent his years in security work and protection.

In the video, Fred Mastro and others are Mastro experts from different regions of the world. They are practicing the techniques to teach their students. Different actions of these fighters are amazing. It is the great technique for self defense. Body gestures and face expressions are amusing the audience (Mastro students). Learning Mastro is learning to protect yourself from a variety of scenarios. For further details, watch the video.

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Knife Defense with UFC Fighter

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Master Wong is a martial arts expert and teacher of self defense. As Master Wong had been bullied in his childhood, he decided to rise up and he learned techniques which made him the Master. He has written his full story (a motivational one) in his book. UFC (ultimate fighting championship) is a championship in America mixed with martial arts. So, Glover Teixeira is a UFC fighter who is participating in this demo with Master Wong. Master Wong is excited about teaching this technique of knife defense with Glover.

Wong recommends to first defend yourself by holding the attacker in the way that his elbow and wrist are in your hold. The arm with the knife, capture it. Put pressure on the elbow and wrist combined and snatch the knife. Second technique is, just move aside and holds the arm, hold the hand with knife. Opponent feels pressure when Master Wong holds his wrist. Master Wong asks from Glover (UFC fighter) that how many times any one wanted to fight with you in the street? with a UFC guy, the answer of Glover is never. Then he asks that would you fight with someone in the street? Glover says, no. IT shows the peaceful mind and strategy of the UFC guy Glover.

Cross over
Master Wong, by holding the hand of Glover, tells that when anyone strikes with a knife, turn your body in a position of cross over. Hold the arm, try to put the attacker down, snatch the knife. Master Glover says that the attacker may try to hit with other hand when you hold his one hand, he shows it by tightly holding Glover’s hand. Then he asks Glover to hit with the other hand, but Glover says that it is difficult to hit with the second hand. This technique is useful when someone hits with a knife and you defend yourself by capturing his one hand, bending yourself in cross over position.

Master Wong focuses on “Learning”, Glover announces the upcoming fighting event as he is a UFC fighter. Master Wong is a great motivation and announces another event about “martial arts changes life”, along with Budo brothers. They are promoting Martial Arts for peace and confidence. Master Wong had a bad childhood but he didn’t make it his weakness, he made it his best strength. Watch the full version of interesting video in the link.

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JKD Blocks as Strikes

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JKD (Jeet Kune Do), “The way of the intercepting fist” is a philosophy in Martial arts which believes that the best defense is a strong offense. This philosophy was presented by the master of Martial Arts, Bruce Lee. It was based on the personal experiences of Bruce lee,

In this video, Dan Lok and Octavio Quintero are practicing and teaching the JKD blocking techniques. Dan Lok asks a question about JKD blocking and what should be the technique. What follows is a great explanation and short demonstration of the concepts.

For details, check the video in the link below.

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Why Filipino Martial Arts?

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Ariel Gonzales, Henry Cabillon and Vince Mendoza are discussing the value of Filipino martial arts. All of them are experts of Filipino Martial Arts and have spent years in practicing this fighting art.

Henry Cabillion

According to Henry’s point of view, Filipino Martial Arts is extremely varied not because of concepts but because of a variety of tools, the hands, escrima sticks, daggers, stick and dagger, double weapons etc. Different styles of using all these tools, different styles of fighting and different way of confusing the opponents. Henry has its own way of thinking about martial arts as he has spent years in learning, practicing and then teaching Filipino martial arts.

Ariel Gonzales

Ariel Gonzales tells his story of joining Filipino Martial Arts . He says that when he was in Philippines, he didn’t see Filipino Martial Arts . Because in Philippines, foreign martial arts are more common than Filipino Martial arts, foreign martial arts like taekwondo and judo are common. When he came to America, he saw Filipino Martial Arts and found it interesting, this was the time when he felt a spark in him. FMA urged Ariel to learn more about his Filipino culture.

Vince Mendoza

Vince Mendoza seems inspired from both Ariel and Henry. As Mendoza says that he thought to learn Filipino Martial Arts when he saw Ariel and Henry pounding with sticks and I was amazed. He found FMA interesting and started to learn about it. Mendoza explains his inner feelings that he loved the art, loved the way two opponents hit each other in style. He loved to practice, and to participate in competitions because he likes to come home with gold medals.

The specification

Henry says that Filipino Martial Arts is different from other sports because there is not age or body restriction. People perform the martial arts till the end of their life. Their body shape is not a restriction in learning or teaching FMA. One can practice this art till the end of his life because it’s the game of wrists. The main focus is on wrists, you perform all the actions using your wrists, and wrists last for long time. Putting stress on other joints is not very necessary in FMA, just on wrists.

Ariel adds, and with bruises, yes Mendoza said, with bruises too. Because it is the sport of moving around and dancing and boxing like a pro.

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Espada y Daga Flow

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Mark Anastasio is a trainer at Union Martial arts who is expert in using two weapons like a sword and an escrima stick or stick and dagger. Espada y Daga is a technique of Filipino Martial Arts in which two weapons sword and a dagger are used. In this video, the two weapons a stick and a dagger are used to teach Espada y Daga flow. The nice combination of two weapons, can confuse the opponent by using back and forth techniques.

Some people mispronounce Espada y Daga but true meaning doesn’t change. Espada means sword and Daga means dagger. Stick is used as sword, in combination with a sharp blade (dagger)

First Angle
Mark teaches the technique first by taking right angle. Before this, he tells that he is going to practice this stick and dagger flow like Sinwali (another weapon of Filipino Martial Arts using two escrima sticks). He uses his right hand to hold stick and left to hold dagger. Then he changes the angle, saying one, two, three, first forward the hand with stick and pass the knife from down the elbow. Then from short range, slash the dagger, then step three, bring the stick forward. He mentions sinwali because he is practicing on the base of sinwali. So before learning this technique, one should learn sinwali so he can better understand the tactics.

Second Angle
After completing the steps at one angle, Mark changes the position because in Espada y Daga, proper flow is important. You cannot stay at one position and fight. Mark says to use medium to long range to attack with the dagger. Keep your focus soft and nice. Straight up and puncture, as knife and stick both are different. In this way you can flow easily.

Double Weapons
Use of double weapons is found in many fighting arts, but this a nice flow of stick and dagger which can confuse the opponent in seconds. Following the rules of Sinwali, Mark makes the flow of stick and blade in different angles showing the real Espada y Daga flow.

Union Martial Arts
At the end, mark tells that you can also order that union shirt that he is wearing. The clothes that he is wearing was specially designed for training the martial arts techniques at Union Martial Arts.

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Eskrimador vs Fencer

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Eskrima or Arnis, is a national sport and martial art of Philippines which uses sticks, knives, swords etc. It is a technical form of fighting which has its own rules. Unarmed combat type of fighting is also a fighting focus of Eskrima.

Fencing is a game of sword fighting, three related combat sports collectively called fencing. Eskrima and fencing have different rules, but in sense of sword fighting they seem alike. The video is the demonstration of a fight between an Eskrimador and a fencer. As Eskrima also focuses on sword fighting, therefore it is not a tough job for an Eskrimador to follow the rules of fencing. Look at the Eskrimador in black, he is very skilled.

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Barry Mar Demo

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Gung Fu is Chinese Martial Art and Barry Mar is a famous practitioner of Non Classical Gung Fu who has been a student of Bruce Lee in the early 1960s.

In this video Barry Mar is showing that how to BLOCK and WIN to the Outside, in Non Classical Gung Fu. He is explaining the technique by holding the arm of opponent and teaching him to defend. He taught the technique with two opponents in this video mentioning the steps. He easily uses his skills in trapping to enter on the opponent’s inside, then quickly shifts to the outside.

Watch the video in the link.

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