Bruce Lee’s Wing Chun Hands

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The martial arts system espoused and taught by Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do, was not merely an outgrowth of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Mr. Lee received a foundation in Wing Chun, and then evolved his thought to continually evolve in his practice, through teaching. One such evolved technique is the “sticky hands” defense, which involves close, instinctive observation of one’s opponent, and using one’s hands and arms to temporarily immobilize their attack, and launch one’s own attack at that time of stasis. The best way to acquire skill is to understand your opponent’s use of energy, and to continually evolve.

Key Takeaways:

  • one has to realize that “yin and yang coexist as one inseparable force”, “This is the philosophical and technical principle behind chi-sao, the trapping training method of traditional Wing Chun kung fu.” To ahieve this you have to realize as a whole.
  • ” Firstly, energy or ‘tactile awareness’ training must be done with a skilled partner, one on one. This training does not lend itself to group classes.” This is done to experience it as one and one combat.
  • Secondly, the skills derived from this training are invaluable in combat. This training will help neutralise your opponent’s superior physical attributes.” Using someone elses energy and using against then is vital to bruce lee way of teaching.

“If yin and yang are viewed as two separate entities, realisation of the ultimate reality of kung fu won’t be achieved.”

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