Amy Johnston Interview – The Next Gen Femme Fatale

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Amy Johnston talks about growing up learning martial arts and becoming a premier stunt woman, working as a double for stars like Scarlett Johannson, to staring in her first lead role in Lady Bloodfight. She has other projects in the works as well, including video games and she shares her aspirations in furthering her continued success.

Key Takeaways:

  • My dad owned a martial arts school so I was always running around at a young age. I do remember my first serious class when I turned 5 – because I was a big girl and could finally train with the big kids. Woot!
  • Working out can be difficult when busy but I always try to get in some movement, stretching and a little sweat. I always feel better for it. If I am not working then I am working out every day in one way or another
  • I am inspired daily by my peers as well as several influential people throughout history, although my mom has influenced me the most

“She works hard to make the action community to notice her, and she does it very well dubbing Scarlett Johansson in Captain America 2 and fighting Scott Adkins in Accident Man.”

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