Advanced Jeet Kune Do

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In this video, Dan Lok teaches us the importance of broken rhythm which is a form of advanced Jeet Kune Do training. Dan Lok was trained by  Bruce Lee’s original student Ted Wong and Joe Lewis.

Right at the start, the video features a scene from the movie ‘Game of Death’, where we see Bruce Lee fighting with Dan Inosanto and demonstrating the art of broken rhythm. Bruce Lee was good at intercepting because he had a great ability to read the moves of his opponents. This was possible because of his mastery over broken rhythm.

In order to demonstrate the art of broken rhythm, Dan spars with his fellow martial arts instructor. We learn that every movement has a rhythm and a flow. If you suddenly incorporate a half beat in your movement of flow, you can disrupt the flow of your opponent and get an advantage.

You can also break the rhythm of your opponents by changing the beat of your movement speed from fast to slow. Although your movement will be slow, you will still hit them as they will be caught unaware.  

Dan informs that the easiest way to learn broken rhythm is to change the speed and timing of your movement when you practice your drills every day. It does not matter whether it is a punching drill, a kicking drill or anything else. As long you practice it daily you will see the results.

This way you will be able to train your nervous system for different tempo and get used to the unnaturalness of broken rhythm. Once you get a little used to the movement, you also include a half beat between a slow movement and a fast movement.

Dan also informs us that although people think that Bruce Lee was good at intercepting his opponent’s technique, it was not completely true. Bruce Lee was actually a master at intercepting the tempo and rhythm of his opponents. This is why he was able to shut down his opponents just as they tried to attack him

3 key points –

1. Bruce Lee was a master of broken rhythm.

2. You can vary your rhythm by inserting a half beat in the flow of your movement. This will also break the rhythm of your opponents.

3. Broken rhythm is against human nature and that’s why it makes you unpredictable.

“If you can beat someone’s rhythm, you can beat the guy. It is very very simple.”

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