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Master Bong Abenir has fused several a Martial Arts techniques to develop the Abenir Kalis System, a blade based Martial Art system. The system is efficient, avoiding any unnecessary movements. You don’t want to look beautiful and if you’re putting yourself in danger. More information on the system and a demonstration video can be found in this article.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Abenir Kalis System is primarily a blade-based martial arts system that fuses together techniques from other masters and Asian martial arts styles.
  • For the practitioner to gain a full education, a weapons progression approach is used in complementary fashion, alongside an empty hand training progression.
  • This style of martial arts training is devised to be highly practical and pragmatic, making use of both the sciences of physics and psychology.

“”The spiritual side of the martial art is brought about by, in most cases, the physical effort of a martial art.” – Larry Tatum, Kenpo Karate Society”

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