8 Kali Lessons – Marcaida

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In this video, we learn 8 critical Kali lessons from the founder of Marcaida Kali, Kuya Doug Marcaida. The whole video was shot inside Doug’s home studio in Rochester by Funker Tactical.

We learn that the studio is actually an extension of his home and people come from all over the world to train under him. The lighting inside the studio was set up to create a mood for training.

The first lesson is to challenge your instructor. This means whenever you are taught a technique, you should not just blindly accept it. You should test it out and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t you should figure out an alternative and challenge your master.

The second lesson is to explore the similarities and differences with different knives. During the sparring with his students, we see that different weapons have some similarities but they also have some differences in how you can handle them. Knowing the differences can help you get an advantage over your opponents.

The third lesson is to understand the value of drills. This means devoting your whole attention when doing your drills.

The fourth lesson is to develop situational awareness. This means you should own your space.

The fifth lesson is to be aware of threat indicators. This means you should be actively looking for visual cues that can indicate that someone is concealing a weapon.

The sixth lesson is weapon retention. Carrying a weapon with you means nothing if you cannot retain or protect it. If your opponent can hurt you as you try to get your weapon then you are doomed.  

The seventh lesson is to understand the nature of predators. Once you learn to understand how the minds of a predator work, you can use it to set up invisible self-defense around yourself.

The eighth lesson is to learn how to embrace fear. Embracing fear helps us to activate our sixth sense. This helps us to stay in our top condition.

3 key points –

1. Kali can be taught to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. In fact, backyard instructors remain in the center of Filipino Martial Arts.

2. You should take your time doing your drills in order to understand them fully.

3. You should embrace fear as it can heighten your senses.

“I am a product of backyard instruction and I’m very proud to say I am a backyard instructor.”

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