3 Ways Fights are Easily LOST! What You NEED to KNOW to Survive!

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Fights are always unpredictable. The rhythm of any skirmish can go either way and can also change in a single shot. In the history of fighting sports, there have legendary comebacks, wrestlers winning fights out of nowhere just because they were able to take advantage of that small window of opportunity. Today we are going to meet Luke Holloway as he talks about some of common the mistakes you can do during a fight. He also sheds some light on some of the basic tips which once implemented will greatly improve your fighting career. Without further ado let’s hop right in.

The first point he mentions is sparring as a way to train your mind into reading your opponents as effortlessly as possible. He shows a clip in which a fight ended with a single kick which landed successfully due to a misread. You can’t imagine how important it is to read your opponents moves as it always helps you to stay one step ahead in every point of the game. Regular and constructed sparring will train your mind into responding in such clutch citations. A successful read followed up by a well-timed shot can be the deciding factor of the fight, so, make sure to train them eyes.

Secondly, he talks about commitment, which is following through with your shots. After doing a successful read, when responding, make sure that you are confident with your shot. An unfazed face will greatly dishearten your opponent and will further solidify your punches. However, if your blows lack the fiery resolve, your opponent might take that opportunity to shatter you fighting spirit instead. Never give the control of the fighting atmosphere to your opponent. Always be on the driving seat and try to be in control of the of the rhythm of the game.  

In the last section, Luke somehow meshes the two aforementioned points into one advice. You see, not two fights are ever the same or ever will be. Whenever you’re entering the ring or facing a street fight, it is important not to lose your nerves. The majority of a fight is the mind game and key to its success is confidence. You may lack the experience but never give up and never show fear. Assess the situation and act accordingly. In a street fight, consider the risks before throwing punches. In a sport, stay calm, make reads and take advantage of your opponent’s mistakes whenever possible.

The short 4-minute video is quite invigorating and also contains two other fight scenes that better explain the points we just talked about. So, make sure to watch them for a better understanding.


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