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It is tricky for a beginner to use a karambit. So, it is essential that you learn how to train with a karambit from reputed masters. In the ‘3 TIPS ON IMPROVING YOUR KARAMBIT’ video, maestro Mark Anastacio gives us three tips on how to improve our karambit skills.

Maestro Mark is the youngest master in the World Bais Tres Manos Federation and the head instructor and founder of Union Martial Arts. At the start of the video, we see the master engaging in a karambit spar with a student of his and demonstrating his fluent karambit skills. Shortly after that, he gives us some advice that we can use to get better at handling a karambit.

The master tells us that in order to improve our karambit skills, we not only have to understand that nature of blade work but also about the nature of a karambit itself. This is important because a karambit doesn’t work as a regular knife.

From the first advice, we learn how to use the momentum of a karambit flip for increasing the efficiency of our attacks. We learn how to continue a flip loop so that we can rotate the weapon as many times as we want. We also learn why it is better to go from a backhand slash to a cut, instead of coming back and holstering it. This technique works the same way on the forehand side.

From the second advice, we learn the ideology of capturing. A karambit is made to imitate a claw. So, a karambit should be used in different ways instead of just puncturing the opponent. We learn how to utilize the curvature of a karambit to our advantage and manipulate our opponent. Thus, our focus should be on capturing our opponent.

From the third advice, we learn how to use the ring of the karambit. Training with a knife can be lethal. However, we can use a karambit without fatally wounding our opponents. This can be done by attacking the opponent with the ring of a karambit. This way you can apply force without cutting your opponents. This also gives us better control.


Key takeaways –

1 – We should use the momentum of a karambit flip efficiently in order to cause more damage.

2 – Karambit can be used to capture and manipulate our opponents. It is more versatile than a knife.

3 – Karambit gives us more control. We can choose to attack our opponents in a non-lethal way. This is very useful during training.

“It’s not so much focusing on the flip itself but focusing on the quickness and the application as a whole.”




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