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A knife is a simple weapon, but in the right hands, it is a lethal tool. The video demonstrates Silat Master Maul Mornie defending an incoming knife attack. He repeats the same counter repeatedly so that you can have a better look at his movements. What he is performing isn’t something too complicated and represents a sound mastery over one’s basic fighting stances. 

The video can be broken down into four segments. The approach, the disarm, followed by the grip and finally ending with a hammer shot to the throat. Whenever you’re being threatened with a knife, your first course of action should be to assess your surroundings. Once you’re sure you and the assailant are the only persons present, move forward. 

  • As shown in the video, the first part involves moving towards your assailant. Once you’ve approached them, grab hold of their hands in a similar grip as demonstrated by Maul. This is to ensure the attackers had no wiggle room to slash or switch the knife to the other hand. 
  • Once you’ve caught hold of, disarm him and quickly move onto the third step, which is to apprehend the attacker in a particular grip. Your goal is to assert control and not let the attacker control the flow of the fight. 
  • The grip part is extremely important. Notice how Maul moves forward, hid armpits touching the shoulder of the assailant. Once he is in this particular position, he proceeds to get a better grip lock in the assaulter by tilting his head to an uncomfortable angle. 
  • Once you’ve full control of the situation, you can then proceed towards kneeing him on his back and finished the technique with a hammer shot. The last bit is to ensure that the attacker doesn’t have a chance to call for help.

While watching the video, you will notice Maul having more than one opportunity to finish the fight. Even as he makes initial contact, he has the option to strike the assailant in his liver, neck, shoulder, and wrist. However, he emphasizes you to stick with the full combo so that the attacker has no chance to counterattack. 

The technique shown by Maul is for beginners and can be easily adapted to advanced courses as well. This is simply because of the potential in the skill. Once you’ve made contact, you can transition into any stance and proceed accordingly. Skilled martial artists can finish the fight with first contact, by breaking their fingers and disarming them. 

The short 5-min clips pack quite the punch and it’s both entertaining and educative at the same time. 

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