10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bruce Lee

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Bruce Lee is a person who hardly needs any introduction. The man single-handedly changed set a legacy of Martial arts that are still being followed to this date. However, the majority of the world knows him as a man of great discipline and an ardent martial artist. Very few people are acquainted with a more in-depth version of this great individual and this 11-minute video aims to bring those lesser-known facts into the limelight. So, without further ado, lets jump right in.

Bruce Lee was a father, director, philosopher, screenwriter, father, and actor. Being known as the most influential martial artist in history, Bruce Lee came from a wealthy family. His father was a film actor and a singer and his mother came from one of the most powerful and wealthiest clans in Hong Kong. Little Bruce was born while his parents were on a tour in San Francisco, California.

At the young age of thirteen, Bruce was involved in a lot of street fights. Fearing for his safety his father started teaching him martial arts, beginning with the fundamentals of Wu style Tai Chi Chuan. After defeating the son of a much-feared triad family in Hong Kong, his parents, fearing for his life, relocated him to the USA.

Most martial arts fan wouldn’t take Bruce for a dancer, but the fact is, he was a good dancer. So good that he won a Cha Cha Championship, a respected dance competition in Hong Kong. This little fact is an absolute shocker as it’s an aspect of his life, not many are privy to. Bruce Lee also won a boxing tournament while he was studying in the St. Francis Xavier College.

The popular ‘one-inch’ punch is considered by some as one of his greatest contributions to the world. Bruce Lee always had great upper body strength and muscle mass. He crafted his body to the point of utter perfection and created the famous punching technique that left the audience dazed whenever it was performed. The rising point of this technique was the demonstration at the Long Beach karate championship when he applied it on a volunteer.

Bruce was a bad cook as claimed by his daughter Shannon Lee. However, his diet was nothing to be joked about. Bruce maintained a very healthy routine of high protein drinks and strictly monitored protein and mineral supplements that helped him nurture his body.

There is a lot more to this person than meets the eye and as for the rest of the facts, go ahead and watch the whole video. You won’t be disappointed.

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