10 Habits of the Greatest Muay Thai Fighters | Muay Thai Scholar

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When it comes to training for activities like martial arts, karate, kick boxing and even muay thai they develop their own habits to help adapt themselves to their training. balancing out their lives is very key. Getting enough sleep, running, clinching, and playful sparring are common. Studying fights, having aroutine, and not over doing themselves seems to help as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • I believe that these are the things they do throughout their training week that make them the fighters they are, and have propelled them to huge success in Thailand and around the world.
  • Our fight schedules aren’t normally as hectic as the Thais so we can afford to go hard a little more often, but must be in accordance with our training phase.
  • One of the most important reasons for running is to stretch the left ventricle of the heart by increasing blood supply to this cavity for at least 40 minutes.

“Although Thais live a very different life to most of us (especially in terms of muay Thai training and fighting), we can learn from these habits, adapt them, and apply them to our own routine to fit around our own lifestyle.”

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