How to Defend against Baseball bat – Street Fight

The video is about how to defend yourself when being attacked with a baseball bat, Master Wong goes into great detail on how to block hits and keep yourself protected at all times. He also dives into techniques on how to escape when in a head lock and pinned down and strength techniques.

Key Takeaways:

  • Move in close for self defense stop/deflect the blow
  • Use your position to disarm enemy use this chance to strike back at him
  • obtain weapon retaliate/take down your opponent

“Try not to scare and move away. You move away, you put your hand up and very dangerous.”

Intro to Filipino Martial Arts : Premiere Medical Center Wellness Program (Kali/Arnis/Eskrima)

The Filipino martial arts are a very complex set of skills that are learned in the name of self defense. It is a great way to learn how to defend yourself and get some exercise as well. There are so many different things to learn. There is hand to hand combat you can learn, as well as weapon combat.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Premier Medical Center (PMC) recognizes that while Filipino Martial Arts is a recognized self-defense technique its applications can go much further.
  • A cutting-edge hub for medical care, in Central Luzon, PMI recognizes Filipino martial arts as a tool, not just for fighting, but for weight management and overall fitness.
  • A YouTube video of PMC participants shows users of the center engaged in routines that promote flexibility, coordination, strength, fitness, and the ability to fight if warranted.

“There is no Speech in this video, Only martial arts and music. A potential/accurate Video Title or overview could be: Filipino Martial Arts W/ Premier Medical Center”

Filipino Martial Arts (Panantukan or Suntukan concepts) 3 Beat Drills

Learn to perform a “three beat drill” using Filipino Martial Arts. This is a series of three coordinated martial arts moves involving a variety of kicking, punching and blocking techniques that you can perform with a partner.

Change up your moves by combining different types of punches and kicks with their proper blocks and counter moves in the traditional Filipino Martial Arts styles. Explains Panantukan and Suntukan punches and kicks and how to counter them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Instructor Jessie Santiago of the Filipino Kali Eskrima Academy of Chicago, demonstrates 3 beat drills on a YouTube video.
  • The drills shown use both kicking and punching techniques and emphasize coordination skills, as the user must move between blocking and attacking.
  • Although Santiago showcases specific moves, such as techniques to evade certain punches, or block certain kicks, the goal is to develop one’s own pattern.

“One way to counter the low line kick is to life up your leg.”


There are many ways to defend yourself against a knife attack. This video will show you what to do if you’re being held up by two or more people wielding knives and need to defend yourself in order to survive, as well as how you should handle different situations like this to keep yourself safe.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use self defense if you have to against somebody engaging you
  • Don’t run after somebody and try and engage yourself if they are leaving you alone
  • Give away your materials or personal belongings to avoid confrontation

“When it comes to engaging with someone with a knife, find a way out of the situation – don’t immediately fight back”

KALI Knife dance

Are you interested in learning how to defend yourself using a blade as your tool of defense? Do knives happen to be a subject of great interest to you? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This video demonstrates just one of many variations of blade dances one can utilize with a edged weapon. This is not only a form of art, but a suave form of defense.

Eskrima Spar Club : AA Quidlat (RRK) vs James (LSAI LESKAS TBB)

Two members of the Eskrima Spar Club (ESC) fight one another using the Filipino martial art of Eskrima, which involves grappling and attempting to hit one another with sticks. Both fighters wear protective gear to avoid serious injury and are able to remain friends following their match.

Key Takeaways:

  • this is a spar club in the Philippines
  • you must wear protective coverings for the head, arms, hands and legs
  • It looks pretty exciting, but dangerous.

“The following protective gear are mandatory: 1)Headgear 2)Gloves 3)Elbow & Knee Guards 4)Groin Guard”

Old School Jeet Kune Do Mitt Work

Interesting video.  Although it was a short clip, you can see the influences of Kung Fu and western boxing. It is not portrayed as an instructional video, but you really get the sense of the hard work it takes to hang with these JKD practitioners.  Martial arts greats, Chris Kent and Cass Magda can be seen working the mitts, and Guro Dan Inosanto is also seen directing activities.  Nice little clip.

defending the sucker punch

You must be prepared for the sucker punch. Don’t just stand there. Have your body ready to respond with reflexes or skill to the sucker punch. Otherwise your stance can be thrown off. Even if you are in a vulnerable position it is best to be prepared to weather whatever he or it throws at you and be able to block the smack talk proximity fist.

Key Takeaways:

  • A sucker punch is a punch that carries a large element of surprise, as it is usually delivered in a context where peace is presumed.
  • If possible, understand that to be within arms length of a possible attacker is to be within his zone and put yourself outside of it.
  • By moving away, you force a potential attacker to come into your zone, thereby giving you time and bodily cues to work with.

“At times the sucker punch comes because the “sucker” doesn’t know he is in a fight.”


Flowing on the ground in Kali takes a lot of skill and precision. When you get your opponent on the ground, there are many choices you can make and there are many moves that a person can do. From the standing position to the ground, there is a lot of intricate moves that need to be executed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Effective lock positions leave the hands free to control your opponent.
  • Weight distribution in a lock position will control your opponent’s movement.
  • Use legs and hand grips to effectively position your opponent in a lock.

“Once we get our opponent to the ground, we are going to learn how to get into a couple locks.”

Abenir Kalis at Masters Magazine 2017 Issue: Included in this issue is Bong Abenir (founder of the…

Interesting video. This is for the hardcore martial art fans. This weapons master truly know what he is doing as you can see from the video. Fast time reaction and precise. I like to always try something new would take his course and learn this art. To be able to master knife technique to me is very intriguing.