MMA JKD Training

This is an interesting video to watch to see some Jett Kune Do hits and combinations preformed in a safe environment among friends. They begin the video by showing a full speed demonstration, then they go on to break it down into parts so that the viewer can see how it is done, both with a protective pad to hit and without one. The video is about four minutes so you really get to see in detail how to preform this hit combination.

Key Takeaways:

  • The trainer gives the fighter the opportunity to work on combos at both slow and full speed
  • He wants his fighter to get the combos and understand the power of them on the ring
  • Since it is Muay Thai, the fighter has a chance to do punches, kicks and even grapples.

“What the basics? Who would have thought of that?”

Improve Your Muay Thai Now: How Master Toddy Trains Champions, Part 1

Master Toddy likes to train people and show them how to do it. One the things he has found is that people who take up martial arts are shy, often taking it up because they are being pushed around. He likes to give them confidence to do the sport and improve over time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most people who do martial arts are shy. They’re nice people who’ve been pushed around, and they want to protect themselves
  • Once they believe in it, they win. It’s mental programming. It’s not about the kicking and punching; it’s about connecting
  • I don’t train every punch and kick; I train him to use his other techniques to set up his right hand.

“”I was successful because I’m a very positive person. Every day I tell my people how important it is to be positive.””

Kali Silat Effective Self Defense

The Denver Martial Arts Center shows how the Kali Silat system of self defense can be effective. A variety of people are shown using it: male, female, big, little, students, coaches. Different moves are demonstrated. Information about other programs offered at the center is briefly displayed, including names of programs and websites to find information.

Filipino Martial Arts – Defensor Method Albany Park

This Filipino exercise is more about blocking and precision than it is about speed and pressure. By getting the sparring partners getting used to each other, they’ll be able to anticipate each other’s moves and motions down the road, especially as they move from sticks to weapons. They also learn how to combine the motions seamlessly to move from one into the next and utilize all motions of their body, from punches to block and kicks and slashes, to become more effective.

BEHIND THE BLADE: A Knife Maker Story

Learn about knife making in this video that focuses on the non-technical elements of the knife making. In this candid video knife maker Bastien talks about luck, passion and sacrifice. A video well worth the watch for any knife collectors, aficionados, knife makers or those practice any art, most especially the bladed art such as FMA or Filipino Martial Arts

Key Takeaways:

  • To be your own boss
  • To do something that you are passion about
  • Do what make you happy

“”The knife is a passion.””

Rush Hour of Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is one of the most prolific actors in not only Hollywood but the rest of the world. Getting his start in Hong Kong cinema, he has been active since 1962, a true feat for any actor to have a 55 year career but also just as important for one that is only 63, acting professionally since he was 11! He shows his range combining his own wise cracking, prat fall comedy with his on point martial arts and just as impressive, own stunt work. He’ll continue to stay well regarded even after he can’t do those stunts any more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jackie Chan has been acting since 1962 and is such a great actor because his acting skills, martial arts skills and the fact he doesn’t even use a stunt double.
  • He has a great on screen relationship with his costar and together they provide great movies full of action and humor like Rush Hour.
  • Jackie Chan is an inspiration to other Asian actors because his unique personality shines in every character he plays on screen as well as his personality off screen.

“”Whether it’s in Rush Hour or one of the many other films that Jackie Chan has been involved in, you know it’s always going to be a great watch with a lot of laughs along the way.””

Fighting Right Dominant Southpaw : Filipino Boxing / Panantukan

Two guys are sparring during training. One guy appear to be the same person sparring with a several different partners. They spar in a very basic facility. The guy who appears in each scene repeatedly appears to be in good shape and very skilled. All the athletes appear agile and training for a purpose. The video was short and also fun to watch.

The TAO of JKD | Bruce Lee’s Fighting Tatical

Jeet Kune Do, or Bruce Lee’s personal fighting style, is well studied thanks to his martial arts skills, his movies and the classes used to teach in the US. The general idea was he wanted to create a martial art that seamlessly flows from one move to another. Not does this look great on film, as shown on the videos, but it also is effective for offensive or defensive martial arts techniques since you get that chance to do everything all in one continuous motion.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jeet Kune Do, This is the name Bruce Lee gave to his own theories and concepts
  • It incorporates ranges of combat and their sub-ranges as well with seamless flow from one to the other.
  • Tactical Jeet Kune Do’s philosophies include a variety of fighting styles that fill in gaps, which currently exist in some police defensive tactics programs.

“Jeet Kune Do, This is the name Bruce Lee given to his theories and concepts. This art or concept of fighting is effective and limitless. It incorporate ranges of combat and their sub-ranges as well with seamless flow from one to the other. JKD uses the most direct lines of attack.”

Active Drill training by ka Mike and Maestro Bong Abenir

Active Drill training is different than sparring or getting in the ring. It gives you the opportunity to attack and defend as though it is a real fight instead of the choreographed spar that you would do in the ring. This also gives you the opportunity to use you full range of motion in the fight. The two fighters show this range through their punches, kicks and motions with their short sticks. It easily shows how different a real fight is from that spar.

The ONLY Secret For Progressing In Filipino Martial Arts.

This Kali Center blog is an open letter to curious athletes. It is very clear if one wants to be associated with the like of the Kali group they must be and remain committed to their craft. One must train daily with the intent to be the best they can be. The Kali Club strives on the people around them and to be the best possible athlete they know they can be and interested persons should also aspire to the philosophy. To become your best in the Kali club it will take focus and patience each day.

Key Takeaways:

  • The people at Kali are dedicated to pushing themselves physically and mentally on a daily basis.
  • There is a physically and mentally exhausting process you have to go through but you need it in order to build strength and endurance.
  • You have to let go of counting repetitions and just focus on your training and maximizing performance.

“It’s good to dream and have massive targets in Kali and life but, trying to take a path of minimal effort and least resistance will never allow you to achieve those results.”