Basic Kali Tutorial : Angles of Attack ( Isla Mandirigma Kali – Kali De Leon )

In a basic Kali tutorial, the angles of attack are studied very precisely. Angles of attack are the areas of the body in which we do the basic strikes. The approach is a very simple one actually, yet it takes a lot of practice in order to get it right and become efficient.

Key Takeaways:

  • Video shows different angles of attacking with a sword and exactly where to strike on the body.
  • Angles of attack can also be translated to facial strikes with a knife.
  • There are two different types of strikes, fluid and broken. Fluid strike continue through whereas a broken strike stop at the target.

“In Kali De Leon we try to simplify most of what we do.”


The Haymaker is a legendary strike that has been discussed in some circles. Not everyone will throw a punch in a straight line during an encounter. Use the counters and haymaker strategy to land blows on an opponent during a sanctioned match. That could give anyone the tactical upper hand that they need.

How to defend against a multiple gang attack

So this video is a video demonstrating a way to defend against two or more attackers using martial arts moves and surroundings. Lots of martial artists know Master Wong and have seen many of his videos. They style that he is using is called Wing Chun, great for intercepting the opponent’s attacking limbs and countering with combos that are convenient.

Serrada Escrima

Serrada Escrima is a great self defense strategy. Like all of the other self defense techniques out there, you will need to practice this with care and you will need to do it over and over again in order to master it. It will require the use of a melee weapon, so extreme caution needs to be taken.

Nice stick work by young Issaac!

Kali Stick and Knife Pass and Slash Drills

The martial artist in a blue shirt shows quick moves to fend off attacks coming from others (i.e. the lady in a pink shirt). The video quickens its speed and shows the guy in blue now disarming the lady in pink and knocking her over onto the ground. There are some short and supplementary descriptions in the video. The video ends on a page with the institute name.


In this video, Doug Marcaida interviews Michael Janich about his interest in Filipino martial arts. Michael Janich explains that his interest stemmed from curiosity to learn something more real realistic and he got more into the martial arts during his second term in Hawaii.

He was taught if he wanted to learn how to stand up to a weapon, he should learn how to use the weapon. The ending cuts off early in suspense to keep you waiting and hopefully tuning in for a part two.

Flexible Weapons – Brutiful Sarong Flow of Raw Silat

If you want to know how to turn ordinary objects into weapons for self defense, than look no further than this video! Luke Holloway demonstrates using a normal sarong to defend yourself from an attacker. This demonstration also advertises for an online class.

Classes At The Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy

This video featured demonstrations of what you will find at the classes of the last Vegas Kung Fung fu academy. It looks like mainly children train there but it’s for all ages. Students looked to get basic training all the way to advanced training. The place looks very professional and everyone acted in a professional manner. The place looked very interesting.

How To Take New Information into Sparring Evolution | Eli Knight

There is a way to take new info into the evolution of sparring. You have to spar everything and learn the mechanics of the technique. Repetition is also a very important thing, when learning how to spar. Then, you need to focus on drilling. It is a very fine art that has many levels.  Great advice on progression.

3 ESSENTIAL Things Most Martial Artists FORGET about Fitness!

This video is about a martial artist who really wants to help you learn what to eat and what not to eat, as well as what supplements he uses before, during and after workouts in order to maximize your workout and not affect your blood flow. He also explains how to prevent pain the day after a workout using certain supplements or tiger balm.