How to defend a knife attack to the neck

There is a certain way to defend a knife attack to the neck. It looks easy when you see the pros do it, but it is actually very hard and takes a lot of skill and precision. You have to break the arm of the other person, in order to disable their weapon hand. It takes a lot of moves and it has to be quick. It takes a lot of practice.

Key Takeaways:

  • Block attacker’s arm aiming for you and strike arm with your hand
  • Turn knife hand quickly and turn attacker’s thumb down
  • Push attacker away after striking to be ready for next attacker

“”i would take the punch to the face then take the knife stab in my throat.””

The Mastro Handshake | Fred Mastro | Mastro Defence System

In a hostile one on one situation, the Mastro Handshake is a quick, powerful and unique take down technique that can be used to quickly dismantle your opponent.

Being both quick and powerful, this technique leaves your opponent disoriented, subdued and then left open for you to decide your next course of action against your attacker.

How to Defend a Gang Attack– Wing Chun

If you are ever in need of learning some common sense defense techniques, this is the video for you. It will tell you how to identify and attack vulnerable areas on the human body that will allow you to disable your attacker or in this case attackers. This is a humorous presentation of some serious information that may save your life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wing Chun, who is a Tai Chi master, who has developed techniques for dealing with a gang attack.
  • He asserts that even should four, or five assailants attack one at a time, by using his methods, one can prevail and emerge the victor.
  • Instead of being intimidating, forced body to body contact can work to the advantage of the one being attacked.

“The message of the video is that Wing Chun can be used to fend off an attack against multiple assailants. A quote in the video that significantly sums up the message of the video is: “Grab him by the nuts.” In a close quarter attack like this, dirty fighting is necessary because a group attacking one person isn’t fair. Attacking the genitals of the aggressors is practical and effective in situations like this and in this scenario it is fair game.”

Sifu Taky Kimura on meeting Bruce Lee

Sifu Taky Kimura tells the powerful story of his first encounter with martial arts legend Bruce Lee in Seattle, Washington.

Kimura recounts that he needed to meet Bruce and follow him for far more than martial arts training, but as a man that could hold the keys to his enlightenment about himself, that maybe, Bruce could teach him to love himself

Cold Steel cutting everything they can find with a great sword

A two handed great sword is a very powerful piece of equipment. It can cut through a skateboard with ease. it is very powerful and it is also very heavy. That means that you need to have a lot of strength to be able to wield it and use it in an effective way. You must handle it very carefully because of how sharp it is.

Key Takeaways:

  • The sword will cut through a great many different types of substances
  • The sword is very sturdy, can hold weight, keeps it’s sharpness even after cutting hard objects
  • The sword can be thrown like a spear.

“Cold Steel blades are known to be super durable.”

Everything You Need to Know About Combatives

Martial Arts is a time tested way to not only protect yourself but to make an actual art form of the movement of your body. This takes years and years of dedicated study. But what if you have respect for the art but not the time? Does this mean you’re out of luck? No, it doesn’t. You can learn what’s known as Combatives. This is the boiled down to the basics version of the beautiful art.

Key Takeaways:

  • Combatives are a manifestation of force through hand-to-hand or weapon-based combat.
  • Combatives are focused entirely on using the most direct, effective means of self-defense in real-life scenarios.
  • Although some think that combatives are about uncontrolled violence, the goal is actually to end the confrontation as soon as possible and escape.

“Combatives is sometimes denigrated as ‘too basic’ by martial recreationalists because of the simplicity and the intentionally limited number of techniques.”

Knife Fighting: What You Need to Know

Hand-to-hand combat techniques aren’t generally transferable to knife fights. Tournaments, centering on knife play aren’t a U.S. specialty. Combatants should develop footwork, a crouched stance, and the ability to maintain a healthy distance. While showy, tournament fighting for points aim at disabling the head, realistic, survival knife fighting aims at slashing your opponent’s hand, known as defanging the snake.

The subspecialty of edged weaponry is covered in Silat, a southeast Asian variant of martial arts. ‘Silat for the Street’ is one online venue for picking up realistic knife pointers from a master.

Key Takeaways:

  • The basis for knife fighting is in the footwork and maintaining a distance between your opponent.
  • It is important for you to be light on your feet and agile and avoid planting your feet on the ground.
  • Fighting outside of kicking range allows you to avoid be sliced and enables you to easily slice your opponent’s knife hand.

“Anyone who claims to be an expert with a knife and teaches blocking, empty-hand disarms and low horse stances might as well be teaching students to catch bullets in their teeth.”

Jillian Michaels: How Martial Arts Took Her From Rock Bottom to The Biggest Loser!

Biggest loser star, Jillian Michaels, is in a better position than most to appreciate the ‘losers’ that come under her domain. As a teen she struggled with emotional binge-eating. Martial arts proved her buoy in the storm, giving her tools to reshape her body and will.

She appreciates that the demands of her craft can be harsh and not everyone she mentors will keep the weight off. A sports medicine business owner, Michaels could not have foreseen her rise as an on-camera weight loss guru. But, for now, she’s in it to win it.

Jillian Michaels: How Martial Arts Took Her From Rock Bottom to The Biggest Loser!

My Weapon of Choice

No weapon is ideal. Filipino martial arts uses the short stick and the short staff. Though useful at close range, the stick is poor at ending altercations and lacks reach. Meanwhile, the staff is a great stopper, but unwieldy up close. Routine carrying of either attracts attention.

A long stick has much to recommend it, being an effective stopper, with good reach. It’s two handed and one can carry about a cane ( a baseball bat is a good variant) with no undue notice. It’s one big problem, using it up close, can be overcome with training.

My Weapon of Choice

Surviving Mob Violence | 4 Things You Need to Do

When it comes to surviving mob violence, there are 4 things that you need to do. Mob violence is a very common thing on the streets. It is always in the headlines and it occurs everywhere. But, the good thing is that there is a way to survive it and if you do these 4 things, you will have a good chance of getting out of it alive and well.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mob violence is happening everywhere and it’s only a matter of time before you are caught up in it.
  • You should study and train how to deal with mob violence but also know how to avoid it.
  • If caught in a mob violence situation, use what ever tool us at your disposal and use force in your response.

“”The faces and the places may change, but mob violence is the same old demon burning out our cities and undermining our feelings of safety and security.””

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