FMA WAY REMIX: TAI CHI 1 – Cloud Hands

Two martial artists demonstrate a technique known as Tai Chi’s “Cloud Hand” on each other. On the first performance he shows how to perform with bare hands, and in the second, with knife. Of two martial artists, one is on offensive and the other on defensive stance. One that is performing this technique, is mainly holding defensive position and cautiously applying the known technique.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cloud hands
  • Get inside close to opponent
  • Grab and hold


This weeks video highlights the basic techniques for the Karambit knife. The video starts with covering several basic moves with the instructor showing viewers step by step instructions. The video then concludes with flow drills to better help with user fluidity that will allow users to practice the moves and increase a users comfort when utilizing one of these knifes.  Great blade work, because it relates directly to the standard dagger.

Boyka: Undisputed 4 Movie Review

Undisputed 4 is the 4th entry into this series that mixes martial arts, gunplay, and just all around fun. Picking up moments after the third chapter ended, the film finds the protagonist winning matches and donating his winnings. Along the way, he encounters shady businessman and government dealings. The action never lets up as the movie draws a satisfying conclusion to the series where wondering if a fifth Undisputed is a dispute in itself.

Key Takeaways:

  • In the genre of prison fight movies, the undisputed series offers nuanced characters and exciting plot twists
  • The character of Boyka is a pure fighter, laser focused on the fight.
  • This movie adds an interesting female character to the story, including sexual tension without making her a two dimensional love interest or prize.

“He’s a rising star but treats the fame, fortune, and freedom as barely more than distractions on his path to become the world’s most complete fighter.”

BRUCE LEE School Fight

Join us as we take a look at the inside of an old story a man regales about his days back in school with Bruce Lee. Looks can be quite deceiving in this world we live in, and people will rapidly learn not to underestimate one another based solely off appearance. This man can definitely attest to that. Be prepared to accept that you can be wrong.

Key Takeaways:

  • An old-school street fighter encounters Bruce Lee for the first time and gets schooled on the Fung-Fu style
  • Bruce Lee used a new approach called ‘trapping’ to disarm or rather dis-hand the opponent by zeroing in on hands
  • A big and old-school street-fighter signs up for new classes in Kung-Fu after a life-changing encounter with the small but astonishing Bruce Lee

“I took a jab at him-bad mistake”

Jeet Kune Do’s Wing Chun roots with Guro Dan Inosanto

Jeet Kune Do is well known in the martial arts field thanks to Bruce Lee. This is the style he used in combat on screen and it is famous in Hong Kong movie houses and studios. This Guru brings that classic style and updates it for a modern audience. He learned from the same studio and master who taught Bruce Lee and feels he is able to share his insight with his pupils.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bruce Lee first trained in Hong Kong learning Wing Chin before developing his own method
  • This method developed into Jeet Kune Do made famous in so many martial arts films
  • The style has classic moves that flow easily and work contextually in film

“Bruce Lee’s first Martial Art was Wing Chun and it’s influence is abundant in this video.”

Intense Knife Defense Training Method

Being attacked by a knife brings the defender under intense pressure. While the video is using a fake knife, the defender still takes it seriously and uses everything at his disposal, from kicks to punches and arm bars to stop the attackers. He knows he may still get defensive wounds on his arms and torso, but it better to get some slices than to die.

Jeet Kune Do – Lead Nao Tek

Jeet Kune Do – Lead Nao Tek explains types of kicks that can be done with just the leading leg. It shows information on where on the body to kick and when and why to use your hands also. A beginner method and cautionary notes (such as how your knee should be positioned) are included and examples of everything discussed are illustrated by a practicing pair.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jeet Kune Do spars using a similar stance and style to Must Thai
  • There is a lead leg and back leg. One is for support the other is for attack
  • The kick is with the instep and designed to hit anywhere above the knees

“”Some of the targets can be the inner knee wish is kind of dangerous if they check you…I would recommend the inner thigh.””

Abenir Kalis Coastguard K9 and Special Operations Group

Specialized combat techniques are being used in the video. It starts by showing members of an organization practicing how to disarm a knife wielding attacker. There seems to be a diverse set of members as it shows group photos at different training centers. It continues on showing weapon skills. Overall it is a compilation of techniques and skills used in one form of combat or another.

Key Takeaways:

  • Keep the stabber at a distance until you are ready to completely disarm him
  • Once disarmed do not be afraid to attack back, even with his own knife
  • Arm bars work wonders to keep him from attacking and disarm the attacker

“Abenir Kalis spearheads a drive to make self defense relevant once again thru an evolving adoption of a fighting system rooted in the Filipino Martial Arts”

Kali Disarms Takedowns and Counters

Martial arts are the study of the human form, how it moves and reacts. By combining this knowledge with intensive training that instills muscle memory of technique, even someone who would seem to be an unlikely combatant can rise to the occasion should fighting be necessary. Strength and size become less important if the right position can be taken, and the right move executed when the moment is ripe.

5 Self Defense Techniques – attack & Defense

There are 5 self defense techniques that people can use. These are basic movements that people need in order to optimize their self defense regime. One of the most important things to remember when you are practicing these techniques is to protect your face from an attack. The defense moves need to be precise.

Key Takeaways:

  • Boy realizes he is gay
  • unconditional love of his mother
  • He deserves loves just like everyone does

“”We are talking about five basic movements we are going to talk to you about on this episode”.”